As an innovation studio Build works with inventors to create the next phase of breakthrough products in Agriculture, Health and Education.

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Viable Innovations

We have a proven track record of working on disruptive innovations. We apply the same principles and expertise to help inventors develop and successfully deploy innovation products.

Our hands-on approach in Product development, Business design and Customer acquisition means that innovators exit with a viable business and not a business plan.

A good threshold for any business is when you know "what problem you are solving, who you're solving it for and if they are willing to pay for your solution".

Inventing Change

We work with Individuals, Startups, SMEs, Corporates, Government agencies and Not-for-profit organisations that are developing innovations to disrupt the Agriculture, Health and Education sectors.

We believe that if we positively impact these three sectors then all other sectors can flourish.

Successful products are created and delivered through teams, not individuals.

Develop & Deploy

Every quarter we carefully select innovation projects and work directly with founders/ leadership to bring these new ideas to life.

In Build we take every project through our framework with industry specific experts to focus on Developing (building a product) and Deploying (launch into use).

The purpose of an MVP is to test if you have product market fit, do not overthink it.