Privacy Policy.

Krowd Works (the Website) operates under Bridgecell Company Limited (the Company) and is committed to securing the privacy of visitors to our website. The following policy will help you understand how your information will be treated.

a) Use and disclosure of your personal information

The Company will uphold your privacy and is committed to securing your personally identifiable information (PII). The Company collects the PII we need to provide services to you and/ or your organisation. The PII may be disclosed among affiliated partners, and you consent to us doing so, unless you inform us otherwise.

If you would prefer we do not disclose any information to our affiliate partners, please us on

b) Your rights

The company is committed to respecting your privacy and you have a right to access all PII that the Company collects and holds about you and/ or your organisation.

The website uses cookies to track the statistical usage of the Krowd Works website pages. You can disable cookies at any time or you can set your browser to reject or disable cookies, this may however, lead to reduced functionality on your end.

The Company does not sell PII to any third parties or affiliate partners


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